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Using the CLI - You can clone the repository on your local device and start experimenting!

$ git clone

Roblox Model - Nature2D is available on the Roblox asset store for free. You can get the asset by clicking me!

From Releases - Head over to the Releases page on github, go to the latest release and download the Nature2D@x.y.z.rbxm file from its assets. Now right click in Roblox Studio's explorer, click Insert From File and select the file.

Using wally - Use wally, a package manager for Roblox to install Nature2D in your external code editor! This requires wally to be installed on your device. Then, add Nature2D to the dependencies listed in your wally.toml file!

Nature2D = "jaipack17/nature2d@0.7.1"

After that, Run wally install in the CLI! Nature2D should be installed in your root directory. If you encounter any errors or problems installing Nature2D using wally, open an issue!

Initial Code

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Nature2D = require(ReplicatedStorage.Nature2D)

local World ="ScreenGui")
World.IgnoreGuiInset = true
World.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local engine = Nature2D.init(World)

Code here, check out the API and tutorials!