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Nature2D is a 2D physics library designed for and on Roblox! Ever wanted to create 2D games but step back because Roblox doesn’t have a built-in 2D physics engine? Use Nature2D to create versatile and smooth simulations and mechanics for your 2D games with minimum effort! Nature2D primarily uses methods of Verlet Integration and Convex Hull collisions.

It’s user friendly and supports all UI Elements. RigidBodies and constraints can potentially be made with almost all UI elements, from Frames to TextBoxes. Collision detection and response are also handled for all UI elements by default.

Create almost anything you can imagine. From bouncy boxes to destructible structures, even character movement in no time.

Back in Time

Back in august, I started exploring different papers, articles, videos and wikis about Verlet Integration. I then got into studio to create something myself. At first it was quite tricky to get things working but I was able to create bouncy boxes with collisions and some of you saw it over on twitter and in the cool-creations category. Many people seemed to like the creation, thus I started making it feasible for any other developer like me. I refactored the code at-least 5 times, with an absolutely abnormal version control.

In the matter of a month, I rewrote the whole code I had earlier, to a much flexible, easy to use and functional library.