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Creating a Canvas

A canvas specifies boundaries out of which RigidBodies won't be able to go unless RigidBody.KeepInCanvas is set to false. By default this canvas is set to workspace.CurrentCamera.ViewportSize. In order to specify a new canvas, we use the Engine:CreateCanvas() method.

local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local Nature2D = require(ReplicatedStorage.Nature2D)

local engine = Nature2D.init(screenGuiInstance)
engine:CreateCanvas(, 100),, 300)) -- topLeft: (100, 100), size: (500, 300)

The above should specify a canvas as such:


In order to render custom constraints and points, it is important to set the "frame" of the canvas. To do that:

engine:CreateCanvas(, 100),, 300), GuiFrameInstance)

-- OR

engine.canvas.frame = GuiFrameInstance